Labor Rates

Labor Rates

Anything bike, we can handle.

Tune-Up $49.00
Complete Inspection of bike, tighten all nuts and bolts, spot true of wheels, adjust drive train and brakes, lubricate chain.

Complete Overhaul $100.00- $150.00
Complete dissasembly and rebuild of bike, repack hubs, bottom bracket and headset, adjust gears and brakes, wheels tensioned and trued, cabels cleaned and lubricated, thorogh bike wash and lubricated drive chain.

Replace Tube/Install Tire $5.00
(Bolt-On $10.00)

Single adjustment $5.00
(Brake, shifter, headset, etc.)

Overhaul Drive Train $30.00
(Complete disassembly and cleaning of derailluers, cassette, chain and crank.)

Hub/Headset Overhaul $20.00

Derailleur/Brake Installation and Adjustment $10.00

Install Handel Bar/Stem/Seatpost/Saddle/Peddles $10.00

Install Brake/Shifter Cable $5.00

Install Brake/Shifter Housing $5.00

Install Bottom Bracket/Headset $20.00

Install/Program Computer $15.00

Spot True Wheel $8.00

True, Round and Tension Wheel $15.00

Tap/Face/Chase Bottom Bracket $40.00

Pack Bicycle for Shipping $25.00

General Labor Rates for all non-listed items $49.00 per hour

Price Quote for the following:
Wheel Build, Suspension Installation/Overhaul, Hydraulic Brake Installation/Overhaul, Complete Bicycle Build

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